Welcome to the Kuantan 188 – The second tallest tv-tower in Malaysia

We are extremely proud to have extended our tower family, especially during these trying times. Read about the latest member of the World Federation of Great Towers: the Kuantan 188.

The second tallest telecommunications tower in Malaysia, formerly known as Menara Teruntum and Menara Kuantan 188, is on the path to success and has already recorded more than 50,000 visitors between the opening on 15 December 2021 and the time of writing! The new landmark in the state capital is targeting 350,000 visitors this year.

The Kuantan 188 was developed by the federal government through the East Coast Economic Region Development Council (ECERDC) in collaboration with the Pahang government. Construction began in August 2017 and took two years, a Certificate of Completion and Compliance was obtained in November 2020. Its unique tapered design symbolizes the traditional Malay spear tips, as found on the Pahang State Coat of Arms Malay.

The tower has been under new management from Hospitality 360, which is a part of the multi-faceted Trinidad Group, since January 1st and they have big plans for the landmark. During the launching and rebranding event, which took place on Sunday February 20th, managing director Datuk Zulkifli Mohamad discussed the new exciting activities on site, including the sky-walk, a drop zone and antenna climb, aiming to appeal to the younger public and boost the influx of domestic and international tourists. The Kuantan 188 also sets out to become the landmark of 5G technology and virtual reality.

A visit to the Kuantan 188, deriving its name from its base to antenna height measuring 188 meters (616 feet), truly promises to be thrilling! From the observation deck at 92 meters (301 feet), which can be reached in just 53 seconds by elevator, visitors can enjoy unprecedented views of the South China Sea, biosphere mangrove and the Kuantan River. Guests can also opt for a thrilling ride in a glass elevator to the 104 meter (341 feet) skydeck. A fun fact: the design of the observation deck was inspired by white leaves of the Teruntum plant, common in the area. Guests can also enjoy a visit to the highest restaurant on the east coast at 98 meters (321 feet) where currently a special package is offered in light of the Ramadan fasting.

At night, the Kuantan 188 illuminates in colored lights and shines over Kuantan Waterfront.



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